July 29, 2020

Just realized that my last post was ages ago. Covid’s been pretty weird and it has done wonders and weirdness to my writing. A while back, I excitedly started on a diplomatic satire I’d been thinking about for a long while. In normal circumstances, it would have probably gone well. But given the current environment with sickness and protests and global upheaval, writing a satire didn’t feel comfortable. Absolutely, there is more than enough political fodder to write the book, but later, in a different mindspace. That brought me to to another project, the one about the church fire. I’ve written 5 books before this one. My first was a children’s novel (crap), my second was literary (less crap), third was YA (not bad too imitative), my fourth was a thriller (definitely worth editing and sending out), and my fifth was a satire, the least crappy of all. I have never pursued publishing on any of them because my fragile writer’s ego couldn’t take the rejection but also because I knew that the first work the world sees better be good or they won’t take another look. My current project (thriller) is my sixth and is the fastest I’ve ever written a book. I think it’s because I’m becoming more comfortable in my writer’s skin but also because I’m ‘protecting my process’ as other writers have said. (I believe this was from a MasterClass, but I can’t remember which behemoth actually said it.) Anyway, kids at home or not, Covid or not, I’m writing every single day. This book, Redeemer, should be complete within a few weeks. This said, while I’ve definitely flip-flopped on the traditional vs self-publishing bit for years, I’ve decided that what’s most important to me is an audience, not the ego boost of a contract. So… instead of selling my satire (a difficult genre to market), I’m going to serialize it and give it away for free on this site. One chapter a week. Yes, there are passages that will make some clutch their pearls or go for their bibles or reach for blinders, but I had a ton of fun writing it and though I see now it could be stronger, I’m going to give it one last edit and let it rest and move on to other projects. I’ll also be posting some new short stories for your reading pleasure, Dear Readers. Stay tuned and thanks for sticking with me.

Writer of fiction, non-fiction, and stories in between.

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