Yikes! Redeemer will officially be released on December 10. Generally, I’m exited about this but it also means a month of nail-biting and insomnia as I catastrophize the novel’s reception. Most days, I’m satisfied with the work I’ve put in. Sixteen years of practice on other novels, six months of writing this particular book, two months of editing, and a month of formatting should work be good enough, no? Well, the short answer is no. There’s also distribution and advertising and getting the most coveted prize … good (5 star) reviews. In all, the process is exhausting. It keeps me up at night. It occupies my mind during the day. The experienced part of me is ready for all of it, but the self-conscious part of me is terrified. What will people think? How will the novel be received? Without a doubt, I know I already have a core group of dedicated readers and fans. Whether they know it or not, they keep me going and they won’t be the people that will burn the book if, say, on page 167 they find a typo or Father Pauliuk accidentally becomes Father Paul. Even with all the eyes, even with all the editing, I’m sure people may find an extra space or a missing s, and though errors like these can be quickly rectified for subsequent editions, it’s the pointers and the squishers and the laughers that concern me. I just don’t have the constitution for it. (A necessary requirement for writers, I’m afraid.) I have developed thick skin over the years, but I’ve recently read terrible reviews for other authors (no one is immune) that made me cringe. Some were legitimate, but for others the malicious intent was obvious. Sadly, there are a handful of sites where this propensity is greater than others. After chatting with an author friend this week, I’ve decided to put on my big girl panties (bigger as I age … haha. … er … ahem), and face my demons with a little bit of grit and the help of my husband, who is going to sort the feedback for me. And when all else fails, there’s always wine. Keep reading, Dear Readers, and stay tuned.

For the record, this is not a picture of me. I would be wearing yoga pants and there would be a cat at my feet.

Writer of fiction, non-fiction, and stories in between.

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