I learned a lot this week. I firmed up my publishing method, ultimately deciding that the dreaded self-publishing is for me and will launch my book over the summer. What I learned, however, is that self-publishing is not so dreadful after all. I’ll have full control, recover more of my expenses, and see my project off the ground before I have a head full(er) of grey hair. With all the other talented authors out there, I’ll likely not sell 10 million books out of the gate, or ever, and that’s okay with me. I’ve set quite a low goal, actually. I typically reach high but this time I don’t want to disappoint myself so I’m going for what I think is achievable. 1,000 books. It’s not a lot, and I think I could accumulate this volume in sales over time. It will be baby steps and a hell of a lot of learning and hard work. One thing I learned this week is the importance of a pre-sell strategy so I will be pre-selling my book very shortly. The cover is not yet done as it’s still in the creative workshop of an incredibly talented graphic designer friend of mine, but I’m confident it will be exactly what I need. As I eagerly await the return of my manuscript from my developmental editor, I’ve started on a new project. I found it’s easier to write with more of an outline so I’m outlining the shit (technical term) of this new project before I start unpacking it, hoping to work in enough room for creative flexibility. Sometimes the pen (or computer key) goes wherever it wants. I simply have to follow.

Stay tuned…

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