Yeesh. What a month. We’re all on the same page so there’s no need to expand on this thought. We’re doing ok. My family is safe and healthy. We have food and are also healthily plugged into every streaming service imaginable. We also live in a relatively isolated area so we are able to go for walks without encountering other people. When it started, I had plans. Oh! I had plans! It’s widely accepted that Shakespeare wrote King Lear while quarantined during the plague. Naivete aside, my initial reaction to our lockdown was, “I can do this too! I can do this too!” But of course I couldn’t. First, I’m about a calibre a writer as Homer Simpson is a nuclear technician. I bumble around alot. Second, I don’t believe Shakespeare had the added pressure of homeschooling two children during his confinement. Third, and I think this is a big one, Shakespeare would have easily been able to turn off the information deluge by simply not opening a paper. Not today and not for any of us. We get emails, calls, texts. We’re Facetiming and Zooming and we’re hit full force by the media from all directions. The only way to shutter the noise is to unplug but can we really do this when we’re still responsible for work and school and emotional connections with all of the loved ones we cannot visit? It’s hard and everything together puts a big rusty wrench in this Writer’s plans every single day. Still, I need to try, even if I have to drag my overloaded brain to the laptop and tether my creative neurons to the keyboard, even if I only chuff out a single word. King Lear my next project will not be but I think with everything that’s going on I’ll even settle for a grocery list. You bet your ass Duff Beer will be on it.

Writer of fiction, non-fiction, and stories in between.

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