I’m done!

Holy crap. I did it. I’m done. Finito. Complete. Still can’t believe it. An hour ago, I officially completed the first draft of Redeemer. It’s by far the fastest book I’ve ever written and, I daresay, the one that will require the least amount of revision. I’m proud of this one. Now, Dear Reader, as promised I will have Popcorn & Politics up here for your reading pleasure soon. One more editing scrub and then I will give it up and out to the world. Keep in mind that the latter novel is a satire and the first is a thriller so your reading experience will be different with each of them. That said, I’ve never liked the idea of genre as a classification because, increasingly, novels are more than any single designation. I’ve found satiric novels that are also equal parts thriller and I’ve found romance novels that seem more mystery to me. However you feel my novels should be classified, I hope you enjoy them. Stay tuned…

Writer of fiction, non-fiction, and stories in between.

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