September 23, 2020

I have a dilemma. I’ve made a commitment to you that I don’t think will work for either of us. Here it is…

You know that recently I finished my thriller, Redeemer, and that my plan was to serialize Popcorn & Politics on this site. While I have no problem at all giving the latter book away, I had an epiphany when I revisited it yesterday: the two books are absolutely so magnificently different. This was obvious to me before and I thought that it would give my readers an idea of the range of which I can now comfortably write. But…

But P&P is written in first-person, present tense. It makes light of almost everything. It is highly experimental. Beyond this, the book was written over the course of 3 years. I often left it, came back to it, let it die, and exhumed its bones whenever I had the fancy. Yes, my master’s dissertation was this book. Yes, I received one of the highest creative scores the university could give….but the writer that wrote that book is the outer cocoon of the writer I am today. This said, I don’t believe I will let the book permanently rest. There is a significant chance I go digging again and wake it up but if I were to present it to you now, I think we both would sniff a little at its emaciation.

The biggest reason for this delay, though, is because my beta readers for Redeemer wanted to see more of the fictional city, Garrett, that I created. They were sad when the story ended and wanted more and urged me to bring them more of the characters they had grown to love. Couple that with a new idea that practically knocked me off my chair on Saturday, I’m itching to start writing another book. The main characters in the new book will not be the same characters as in Redeemer, but much of the secondary characters and scenery will be the same. (Note: It will not be a series.)

I will share other stories with you as we go along and hope for your forgiveness. I think this approach is better for us, as I don’t want to shock you too much…yet. With my focus now on the new book and getting Redeemer ready for publishing, you will see Redeemer sooner than later. Stay tuned…

Writer of fiction, non-fiction, and stories in between.

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