Baby Step

September 30, 2020

I just gave myself a kick in the ass. Let me explain…

Last night I couldn’t sleep because I was mentally scheduling Redeemer’s release. First I thought December, then January, then March. Then sometime in 2022. Then 2025. Maybe even 2029. This, not because the book isn’t ready or good enough but because the thought of releasing it makes me nauseous. Like drinking an entire bottle of Pepto nauseous. (I haven’t yet.) While research and education have prepared me for the hard realities of publishing, I find it difficult to prepare myself for everything else. The reviews. The marketing. The dreaded self-promotion. I have a degree in marketing but I’ve always found it so much easier to promote everything, anything else besides myself. So please bear with me as we journey along together in the crazy world that is publishing.

That said, a few minutes ago I put Reedemer for pre-sale on Amazon and the link will be live once approved by the mega giant. December 10 is the current release date. (Sounds cool but this is just a baby step, as there is SO much more to do and consider in terms of distribution, marketing, format, etc.) Really, I just needed a date to aspire to, so it’s before Christmas. I whipped up a cover and some back copy last night and I’d love your thoughts on it. I have quite a while to change it and make it better, so I’d love your feedback. Stay tuned…

Back Cover Copy – Draft

Holy Redeemer was a place of glory. Until it was a place of terror.  

Father Robert Pauliuk would always remember the Redeemer fire. His former parish, Holy Redeemer had been his first assignment. It was where he grew into his canonical competencies and where he met his wife, Donna.

 It was also the very building that killed her and his curate, Stu Kline.

When small-town editor Phil Beecher survives the deadly COVID-19 pandemic twenty-two years later, he is compelled to solve the mystery behind the Redeemer fire. He enlists newly unemployed Vanessa Penner for a fresh take on the case and gets much more than he expected.


One of my many proofs, but I’m leaning toward this one…

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