April 12, 2022

Happy Tuesday Dear Readers!

It’s been a while and there is zero excuse except that I’ve been writing up a storm to complete my next novel. I’m happy to say that this project will be done in May (yay!) and that (yes, I say this with all of my books) this is my favorite one yet. Obviously, practice makes better. I won’t say perfect because I’m no Bradbury but I’m walking itty bitty steps in his direction. Like ant steps. Or flea steps. Me the flea and happy to be as long as I’m headed in the right direction. Anyway, Project Domain (tentatively titled) about an alien remand center under a landfill in Ontario, has been super fun to write and I’m excited to get your opinion when it comes out. This one is less paranormal than the others, much more Canada’s Area 51 meets small city warriors. I seriously enjoy diving into that world every single day, and I hope you do, too.

In other news, Amazon has been taking my money and I’m happily handing my thin wallet over. Internet algorithms didn’t exist when I got my marketing degree, so I’ve had to learn how to market my work, which has been as fun as acid in a paper cut. This is not such a big deal for authors signed with traditional publishers but for independently published authors like myself, this is massive. The learning curve is more of a learning roller coaster with dead ends, track jumps, and broken seat belts. I’m still hanging on and I think I’m going to have to clutch my seat belt for quite some time before I get the hang of it. I’ve realized that my biggest problem is marketing myself. (Ewww. Cringe. Eye roll.) When I worked as a marketing director, I could promote anything to great success but marketing me? My work? Literally the most uncomfortable thing for me. I have to get past that, but I think that will forever be a work in progress.

Lastly, most of you know I’m an incredibly avid reader. I read across all genres, but typically lean toward classics, as I feel they have the most to teach me. That said, I occasionally dabble in non-fiction and just started the book The Elephant Whisperer, by Lawrence Anthony, a conservationist in Africa. Generally I wait until I’m finished reading to recommend a book but this one grabbed me from word one. If you’re looking for something different and if you like learning about different cultures, countries, and experiences, this is a read for you. Until next time, thanks for reading. I appreciate your eyes and your time, always. Read on, Dear Readers.

Writer of fiction, non-fiction, and stories in between.

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