May 2, 2022

Hello Readers! Happy Monday to all of you! While I intended to keep you updated on my project, the last few weeks have been incredibly difficult for my family, so my heart just couldn’t allow my brain to write. We had an unexpected passing in the family that whacked us every way possible, but I’m now ready to return to my blog. Life kind of takes you wherever it wants to, doesn’t it? And we just have to strap ourselves in and hope for the best. (Sigh.)

As for my newest manuscript, Project Domain, I’m happy to say it will be ready in a few weeks. Rain or shine, life or not, I have to submit the manuscript to my editor at the end of May and I haven’t missed a deadline yet because even when the sun is down and the sky is thundering, my solace is reading and writing. I step inside stories and shut the door to chaos. And when I really get into the groove, nothing else exists. Once this project is done, I’m debating whether to resurrect the book I wrote for my Master’s dissertation or to write a story in a completely different genre. I have so many ideas and never enough time to complete them all at once. (If only.)

I’ve also been looking quite a bit at audio lately. Through ACX I can have my books narrated, which I’m seriously considering. I’ve always believed that every bit of learning is growth, even if it doesn’t always work out the way I wanted. I think if I pursue audio the hardest part is going to be setting my expectations a little lower. Not only do I read e-books and paperbacks every day, but when I’m not physically reading a book, I’m listening to one. I always have an audio book, usually several, on the go at any given time so I’ve come to love certain narrators. Could I have them narrate my books? Yes. But as a newish published author, I don’t have a NY Times Best Seller budget yet. One day I will, but I’m not there at the moment. So part of my debate is whether I wait and get who I want or pursue audio sooner and possibly settle for a narrator who—no matter how good he/she is—may never curl my toes like the ones who currently whisper in my ear. We’ll see.

In the meantime, fill your brains with words and let the magic happen. Read on, Dear Readers. Stay tuned . . .

Writer of fiction, non-fiction, and stories in between.

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